Managing Directors 2021 Message

A new threat has emerged last year. It came suddenly without warning. And it is not a criminal one, but rather a biological assault into the daily lives of people and businesses.

2020 was a very challenging year for our central operations. COVID - 19 is an experience for all of us and it has changed the way we operate security services. Right from the top of the Management to the level of security services operations, we have taken all the precautions to protect our staff from getting infected. We have ensured that all the important resources like face mask, hand sanitizers and even PPE are made available to our ground level operations. Our guards put up a brave front against the possible infection coming from clients and visitors. Even though there were infections, but their steadfast adherence to the Government SOP and Company operations SOP, we manage to achieve less that 1% infections among the staff.

Security Guards are the true heroes of the company and the nation. They are the most important " Front Liners " who were hidden from the limelight of the mass media. They are rarely praised for their sacrifices. Our Malaysian and Nepalese guard forces worked hand in hand very hard to ensure that everyone is safe and secure from potential infections at the clients premises. They have gained new insight into physical checking and recording of data using thermometers and scanners placed at each entry points. They have gained a very important knowledge on controlling disease outbreak and containing it. At the same time, we have wonderful customers who are very proactive and helpful towards the guards needs. It is overwhelming to see such cooperation in these trying times.

COVID - 19 and other possible biological infections that may arise in the future has got us ready to defend our clients and ourselves against it. Criminal activities is also rising rapidly fast and we are faced with multiple task in crime prevention and controlling dangerous diseases. BUT, we are RAM GUARD SERVICES and we are committed to ensure our clients are defended at all times from any kind of threats

2021 is also the year of new ventures for RAM Guard Technological Protection Division. We now have an android application that will change the traditional protection and surveillance methods. In the nearest future, it will be made available in the Google Playstore for clients to download and actually become a partner with our team in protecting their assets and everything important to them. Times are hard in our economy and we will see a great shrinkage of activities in all grounds and with this change, RAM Guard Services seek out to bring down security services operating costs for our client, making it totally affordable for anyone who wants to protect their businesses, assets and loved ones.

Lets move forward with positive thoughts and confidence in 2021. We stand together to rise above all adversities, We will win. We will take control of our lives and independence again.

#staysafe #stayhealthy #staypositive

There is a reason why we do this.

Maintain Professional Security Service Standards

This is something we treasure most. All our guards are fully disciplined. Our attire reflects our commitment to our clients.

Excellent Service Delivery

Our clients expect only the best and capable guards who are able to perform their duties in a timely manner. Our Operations department will ensure all S.O.P from the clients are followed strictly without a hitch.

Patriotism. Respect. Honor

As an industry leader, We strive to maintain our reputation as a capable and competent security services provider in the market. All of our guards are patriotic towards the goals of the company and the nation. There is no compromise when it comes to Security.

We have undergone many challenges through these years and we rise above it all the time. Thanks to the commitment of our staff in the Administration and Operations department for their unending support in ensuring the services delivered to the clients satisfaction perfectly at all times.

We strive for

the Highest Standards and Professionalism in Security Services

at all times.

Parameswaran N. Alagan
Managing Director