Managing Directors 2023 Message

A new big step forward for us, in 2023. We have entered the big league to service established finance industry and services sector giants within the country. This year, RAM Guard will expand its service to even a more niche & specialized service offering as below: -

  • Loss Prevention & Security Checking Services -
    – Security personnel who conduct critical stock inspection as the last approval unit before any kind of assets moves out from the client premises. Guards are specially trained to use digital infrastructure to inspect and approve any volume or quantities before its loaded into bonded trucks or cargo.
  • Nepalese Ex Military & Police –
    RAM Guard is well received amongst Ex Servicemen from the Nepalese Forces and is a one of the high listed organizations to serve in. Currently we have established a Special Services Division to provide such to client whose needs and demands are critically high when it comes to asset and infrastructure protection. Ex Servicemen security services can be considered as self-contained private trained unit whose loyalty and service are undivided.
  • • Elite Protection Officers –
    This also falls under our SSD above as a more private executive protection unit whose primary duty is to serve clients who want privacy and restriction in their asset and premise protection. Guards who serve this division are different than normal services because they carry a certain physical and mental attitude when it comes to dispersing their services according to the client instructions. EPO guards are recruited various military and police background in the country. You can expect a super tough and discreet service from these guys!

Being barely able to scratch out of the surface from the pandemic assault in 2022, we have maintained our business principle via a steadfast adherence to our management philosophy of serving the clients with the highest priority at all times. There are no other rules that bind ourselves to commit and provide the service expectations of our clients. New systems of checking and monitoring on guarding duties are also invested by our Corporate Affairs division to better enhance the service delivery of our operations division in line with client standing order protocols. Our new GPS based guard patrolling is monitored 24/7 by operations officers to ensure that guards are conducting constant checks on site as required. We also have joint ventured with a local HR Firm and outsourced guard attendance systems and payroll to monitor attendance and salary disbursement. Another great achievement is our 100% adherence to the 45-hour work week and 100% minimum wage implementation by our Human Resources Ministry and also the commitment to follow all the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) auditing and monitoring which many of clients who fall under the audit categorization.

Not bad for a small home-grown company from Kajang!

There is a reason why we do this.

Maintain Professional Security Service Standards

This is something we treasure most. All our guards are fully disciplined. Our attire reflects our commitment to our clients.

Excellent Service Delivery

Our clients expect only the best and capable guards who are able to perform their duties in a timely manner. Our Operations department will ensure all S.O.P from the clients are followed strictly without a hitch.

Patriotism. Respect. Honor

As an industry leader, We strive to maintain our reputation as a capable and competent security services provider in the market. All of our guards are patriotic towards the goals of the company and the nation. There is no compromise when it comes to Security.

We have undergone many challenges through these years and we rise above it all the time. Thanks to the commitment of our staff in the Administration and Operations department for their unending support in ensuring the services delivered to the clients satisfaction perfectly at all times.

We strive for

the Highest Standards and Professionalism in Security Services

at all times.

Parameswaran N. Alagan
Managing Director