Managing Directors 2022 Message

It's been almost two years into the COVID-19 crisis, as a Security Services provider, we are obliged to provide constant back up to all our clienteles. The industry perspective has changed and are forced into survival mode as the looming threat of COVID-19 has practically crept into every aspect of operations and administration. Many people have lost their jobs and many companies has ceased their operations due to this situation that has gripped our country. While the situation is very bad economically, we are still holding strong while managing our operations to compensate all the shortcomings.

Our main client base are Multi-National companies who use Nepalese guards to meet their asset and loss prevention measures. Due to COVID-19, the intake of Nepalese guards is interrupted for the last 2 years as both countries have closed their borders to control the spread of the various variants of this disease. RAM Guard Services has managed to control our team of Nepalese guards whose contributions to this company is immense. We are very proud of our Nepalese team who stayed back to support us and continue services with our clients.

We are very grateful to all our guards from both Nepal and Malaysian nationalities who worked day and night wading through the critical emergency situation that lasted until today. Many of our personnel too has fallen sick due to the exposure to COVID-19 from visitors into our premises. We have undertaken a lot of effort to see through their health while being hospitalized until their release from the quarantine centers. We have spent a lot of our finances to conduct PCR and RTK tests constantly on all our guards to ensure the disease is under control and also to keep our staff safe and healthy.

A new experience in crowd control is also learnt by our guards. We are now more prepared than ever to handle any kind of critical situations. We are very very proud of our whole organization and their sacrifice towards keeping the operations tight and functional during this trying times.

We are also very hopeful that the borders between Nepal and Malaysia is reopened soon to enable us to bring in new staff to join our organization. We are really looking forward to replenish the current numbers of trained Nepalese guards who has gone back to their country.

Let the year 2022 become a game changer towards the revival and restructuring of the country’s economic sector into a more efficient and friendly employer/employee environment.

Happy New Year 2022 to all our friends. We value our friendship and partnership deeply.

#staysafe #fightCovid19 #followSOP

There is a reason why we do this.

Maintain Professional Security Service Standards

This is something we treasure most. All our guards are fully disciplined. Our attire reflects our commitment to our clients.

Excellent Service Delivery

Our clients expect only the best and capable guards who are able to perform their duties in a timely manner. Our Operations department will ensure all S.O.P from the clients are followed strictly without a hitch.

Patriotism. Respect. Honor

As an industry leader, We strive to maintain our reputation as a capable and competent security services provider in the market. All of our guards are patriotic towards the goals of the company and the nation. There is no compromise when it comes to Security.

We have undergone many challenges through these years and we rise above it all the time. Thanks to the commitment of our staff in the Administration and Operations department for their unending support in ensuring the services delivered to the clients satisfaction perfectly at all times.

We strive for

the Highest Standards and Professionalism in Security Services

at all times.

Parameswaran N. Alagan
Managing Director